Canbex Therapeutics Ltd United Kingdom

Canbex is developing a validated platform of novel small molecule compounds that selectively regulate excitability in neuronal and endothelial cells via BKCa, with applications in movement disorders, glaucoma, epilepsy, pain and others including the orphan paediatric disorder Fragile X Syndrome.

The Canbex proprietary VSN compounds are activators of the BKCa large conductance potassium channel. The company's lead BKCa activator, VSN16R, is in Phase II for the treatment of spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis, an important and poorly served indication. The Phase II trial of VSN16R for spasticity in MS is being carried out under an option agreement with Ipsen SA, which aims to add VSN16R to its growing portfolio of spasticity treatments.

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Dr Keith Powell
Dr Jesse Schulman
LinkedIn logo CEO 

Curileum Discovery Ltd United Kingdom

Curileum Discovery Ltd is an new regenerative medicine company in London focused on identifying the underlying causes of serious gastrointestinal (GI) diseases, and repairing or replacing damaged cells in tissues. Effective tissue regeneration requires activation of endogenous healthy stem cells, rare cells in tissues that are the very source of lifelong tissue renewal.

We are applying three decades of stem cell drug discovery and development experience to unlock a whole new range of therapeutic targets to kill defective stem cells and to activate healthy stem cells to restore health to the intestine.

With access to a large supply of patient tissues and leading clinical collaborators, we can rapidly test hypotheses on defined patient populations to discover and support target development for therapeutics and molecular diagnostics.

We have a proven track record of delivery along with streamlined business, legal, and project management capabilities in our discovery and development partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

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Dr Jeffrey Moore
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Diabetology Ltd United Kingdom

Diabetology Limited is an award winning biopharmaceutical company employing a proprietary oral delivery system to administer known bioactives as well as novel compounds to transform the treatment outcomes for patients with diabetes.

Our philosophy is to form collaborations & partnerships to further key projects, and to outsource many non-core activities. Thus we are able to keep overheads low, conserving shareholders' resources.

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Mr Timothy Broke-Smith
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Fahy Gurteen Laboratories United Kingdom

Fahy Gurteen Laboratories (FGL) is a Cambridge-based company specializing on the discovery, development and clinical validation of cancer biomarkers. FGL scientists are working on the development of comprehensive IVD solutions for the stratification of cancer patients on the basis of their cell cycle state. Innovative biomarker profiling is performed using tissue sections and blood samples, employing novel immunohistochemistry and molecular biology approaches. The R&D program at FGL includes the development of primary diagnostic antibodies and automated, high throughput image analysis pipelines to be integrated into diagnostic, prognostic and predictive assays for different tumour types. Moreover, FGL has patented novel assays for biomarker profiling with a high potential for development into products for cancer detection, prognosis and companion diagnostics.

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Dr Saroj velamakanni
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Dr Karsten Koehler
LinkedIn logo Senior Cell biologist 

MGB Biopharma Ltd United Kingdom

MGB Biopharma is a private company based in Glasgow, Scotland and is backed by a syndicate of Scotland’s leading angel investor groups together with Scottish Enterprise.

Antimicrobial drug resistance is recognised as a global public health concern with an urgent need for new antibacterial drug classes that are more effective than existing treatments. MGB is developing the first truly novel class of anti-infectives in over a decade that has the potential to treat infections of a number of the most important susceptible and resistant pathogens. Our lead compound has shown strong bactericidal activity with quick onset of action against many strains of Gram-positive bacteria. It has completed pre-clinical development and progress into our phase 1 clinical study for the treatment of Clostridium difficile have been endorsed by the MHRA. Optimisation of a new formulation for intravenous administration and treatment of systemic Gram-positive infection is ongoing.

MGB has acquired exclusive rights to the proprietary minor groove binder platform, developed at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. This platform provides an opportunity to develop additional compounds with the potential to treat Gram-negative, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.

MGB continues to work closely with Strathclyde University to develop the pipeline and is currently seeking partners to help maximise the value-creating opportunities from its broad platform.

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Mr Raymond Spencer
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Dr Miroslav Ravic
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Midatech Pharma United Kingdom

Midatech is a nanomedicine company focused on the development and commercialisation of multiple, high-value, targeted therapies for major diseases with unmet medical need. We are advancing a pipeline of novel clinical and pre-clinical product candidates based on our proprietary drug conjugate and sustained release delivery platforms with a clear focus on the key therapeutic areas of diabetes, cancer and neuroscience/ophthalmology.

Our strategy is to develop our own products in-house in rare cancers and with partners in other indications, and to accelerate growth of the business through strategic acquisition of complementary products and technologies. We are particularly interested in opportunities in the Oncology area.

Our Octreotide product is available for licensing, and we have several ophthalmology programmes underway. In addition, we have multiple collaborations and partners, and a joint venture in Diabetes with a Transbuccal insulin in Phase 2.

Our technology is unique and has created possibly the smallest biomedical particles in the clinic today.

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Dr Tim Sparey
Business Development Officer 
Dr Simon Bennett
Business Development Consultant 

Neem Biotech Ltd United Kingdom

Neem Biotech is a rapidly growing biotechnology company developing novel antimicrobials that are derived from plant and marine sources. Once extracted, purified and stabilised, these bioactive compounds are further developed in-house into platform technologies that target important human, animal and plant health markets, including areas of high unmet medical needs such as antimicrobial resistance and rare diseases. Particular areas of interest for Neem Biotech include cystic fibrosis, wound healing and fatty liver disease.  

We are currently in preparation for a Phase 1 clinical trial looking at the effectiveness of our lead compound as a potential new treatment for pseudomonas-caused respiratory infections in adults with Cystic Fibrosis. 

Neem Biotech is also developing a number of products for animal and plant health applications. These products are expected to be commercialised via partners starting in 2016. 

Neem Biotech is based in Blaenau Gwent, Wales, UK

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Dr Gareth Evans
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Synpromics United Kingdom

Synpromics are a Synthetic Biology company with IP and know-how in the customized design of Synthetic Promoters.

The synthetic promoters we design enable the controlled expression of genes at a specific place, in a specific environment, at a specific time, or in response to a specific biological condition.

We provide promoter solutions to our customers across multiple fields of use, such as:

  • Targeted gene therapies and DNA vaccines: we have created cell line specific promoters, such as lung, liver, keratinocytes and colorectal cancer cells.
  • Enhanced functionality of cell therapies: we can create cell, biological condition and environment specific promoters.
  • Biotherapeutic protein production: we have created CHO based promoters with >5X expression levels of CMV.
  • Improved efficiencies in industrial bioprocesses for bio-fuel, enzyme and reagent manufacture: create inducible promoters for mammalian cells and yeast.
  • Additional applications in diagnostics and as research tools.

Our clients use our promoters in their applications and products. As each promoter can be IP protected it allows opportunities for enhanced protection of product pipelines. 

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Dr David Venables
LinkedIn logo CEO