Datatrial Ltd United Kingdom

Datatrial is a clinical biometrics and technology organisation specialising in complete study delivery; from our flexible and intuitive platform of technologies to our services and consulting. We offer a full range of services including Data Management, Statistics and Medical Writing.

Our innovative nowEDC™ solution allows you to deliver data capture, verification and validation, query management, data extract, IWRS and real-time reporting in one integrated system.

We are a service-driven company; our goal is to meet timelines, exceed expectations through our proactive approach, and be responsive to and collaborative with our customers. Communication, service and quality are critical to a successful clinical study, while always keeping the patient in mind.

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Dr Emma Banks
Miss Amy Wright
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Diabetology Ltd United Kingdom

Diabetology Limited is an award winning biopharmaceutical company employing a proprietary oral delivery system to administer known bioactives as well as novel compounds to transform the treatment outcomes for patients with diabetes.

Our philosophy is to form collaborations & partnerships to further key projects, and to outsource many non-core activities. Thus we are able to keep overheads low, conserving shareholders' resources.

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Mr Timothy Broke-Smith
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Dora Wirth (Languages) Ltd. United Kingdom

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Established in 1962, Dora Wirth Languages Ltd. (DWL) has over 50 years of excellence in global translation solutions for the life science industry. The DWL approach is built on a solid foundation of experience and in-house medical expertise, using DWL’s well-practised and specially formulated procedures for translation, project management and quality control. DWL's business has grown through a dedication and commitment to quality and service. This is acknowledged by DWL's many long-standing clients and is most clearly demonstrated by their recommendation of DWL to others.

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Kim Shouler
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Beatriz Puche Lopez
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