Scottish Development International United Kingdom

Scottish Development International is a government-funded organisation which provides access to key Scottish product and service companies in the life sciences, together with research and clinical expertise from Scottish Universities and Research Institutes and financial support programs to support your development.

Scotland’s life sciences sector consists of over 650 organisations employing over 32,500 people and is one of the world's leading centers for stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Scotland has built a reputation as one of Europe's leading locations for the development of new tools and technologies, as well as the clinical assessment of new cell-based therapies. These strengths are based on the connectivity of the translational, clinical, analytical and regulatory support mechanisms.

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Ms Eniko Delzenne
LinkedIn logo International Senior Executive Southern-Europe and Benelux 
Ms Katharina Kraehahn
LinkedIn logo Business Development Central Europe 

Selcia Ltd United Kingdom

Contract Research Services in Integrated Drug Discovery and Custom Radiolabelling.

A leading worldwide provider of integrated drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and GMP certified 14C custom radiolabelling services, Selcia is a self-funded, profitable, private company with around 80 employees operating from state-of-the-art laboratories. SELCIA DISCOVERY offers integrated drug discovery services including screening biology, medicinal chemistry, ADME/PK and in vivo PK work.

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Mr Dave Roberts
LinkedIn logo BD Director Radiochemistry 
Dr Vicky Steadman
LinkedIn logo Director of Drug Discovery 

Spero Oncology Ltd United Kingdom

Spero Oncology Ltd is an oncology company devoted to specialised research and customer-focused partnerships in the battle against cancer. Created by the core research leaders from the well known and respected Nexus Oncology, the Spero Managment team includes experienced, knowledgeable oncology experts committed to personalised service in trial managment.

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Ms Theresa Bruce

Synpromics United Kingdom

Synpromics are a Synthetic Biology company with IP and know-how in the customized design of Synthetic Promoters.

The synthetic promoters we design enable the controlled expression of genes at a specific place, in a specific environment, at a specific time, or in response to a specific biological condition.

We provide promoter solutions to our customers across multiple fields of use, such as:

  • Targeted gene therapies and DNA vaccines: we have created cell line specific promoters, such as lung, liver, keratinocytes and colorectal cancer cells.
  • Enhanced functionality of cell therapies: we can create cell, biological condition and environment specific promoters.
  • Biotherapeutic protein production: we have created CHO based promoters with >5X expression levels of CMV.
  • Improved efficiencies in industrial bioprocesses for bio-fuel, enzyme and reagent manufacture: create inducible promoters for mammalian cells and yeast.
  • Additional applications in diagnostics and as research tools.

Our clients use our promoters in their applications and products. As each promoter can be IP protected it allows opportunities for enhanced protection of product pipelines. 

Organisation type
Dr David Venables
LinkedIn logo CEO 

SYNthesis med chem United Kingdom

SYNthesis med chem is a global contract research organisation with world-class synthetic and medicinal chemistry capabilities. Established in 2007, SYNthesis operates a unique, “Best of Both Worlds” business model combining Western medicinal chemistry and project management expertise with high quality, cost effective and scalable synthetic chemistry based in China. 

Our medicinal chemists, based in the UK (Cambridge), Australia (Melbourne) and the USA (San Francisco) provide the design, innovation, creativity and problem solving expertise required to complement the skills and capabilities of the our synthetic chemists based in Shanghai & Suzhou. Our medicinal chemists are all experienced and highly skilled scientists with a track record of delivering clinical candidates, a passion for discovering new medicines and a comprehensive insight gained from managing more than 100 projects covering all phases of the pharmaceutical R&D pipeline. They also act as project managers for all custom synthesis and medicinal chemistry projects.

SYNthesis med chem's advantages can be summarised as follows;

Chemistry focussed CRO

-  we work exclusively on custom synthesis & medicinal chemistry projects

-  we are experts at carrying out the synthesis of “challenging” compounds

“Best of Both Worlds” business model

- Complementarity of chemistry capabilities

- Communication

- Confidentiality

- Cost effective

Flexible business model - from fee-for-service custom synthesis projects to dual contribution/dual reward shared risk collaborations

Organisation type
Professor Andrew Wilks
Executive Chairman 
Mr Simon Bury
Head of Business Development