Absolute Antibody Ltd United Kingdom

Absolute Antibody Ltd, rather than creating entirely new antibodies (or antibody-like molecules), takes existing antibodies (often from hybridomas) then manufactures them in a superior way and improves their usefulness by engineering.

The company achieves this through the use of proprietary vectors (pUV™), transient transfection of a high-yielding mammalian cell line (ABS293™) and a universal purification platform. In this way 100s of mgs can be produced within two weeks plus it allows Antibody Engineering eg rapid reformatting or generation of unusual formats like Fc Silent™, bi-specific antibodies, recombinant Fab and F(ab’)2 (AbFab2™) fragments.

Antibody sequencing, manufacturing and engineering services are offered to all antibody users and the ever-growing antibody catalog already includes 12 research-grade biosimilars, as well as recombinant versions of “classics” (e.g. anti-F4/80 [Cl:3A-1], anti-phosphotyrosine [PY20] and anti-c-myc [9E10]).

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Dr Nicholas Hutchings

Aptus Clinical United Kingdom

Formed by former AstraZeneca colleagues, Aptus Clinical utilises their extensive expertise in drug development to partner with life science companies and academia in their quest to identify and develop valuable new medicines.
If you have a new clinical compound in development and are looking for strategic input to clinical development plans and study design or need access to flexible and cost effective clinical research professionals to support you in delivering high quality clinical development projects, please get in touch.

Dr Stephen McConchie
LinkedIn logo CEO 
Mr Jonathan Lewis
Business Development Associate 

Atopix Therapeutics Ltd United Kingdom

Atopix Therapeutics Limited is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a novel class of medicines to treat atopic dermatitis and severe asthma.

The company is developing a novel class of oral anti-Th2 therapies, called CRTH2 antagonists.

  • Our lead candidate, OC459, is currently being studied in a Phase 2 clinical trial for moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in Europe and in a Phase 3 clinical trial for moderate persistent eosinophilic asthma in Russia.
  • Our back-up, ATX2417, is undergoing a Phase 1 human safety study.

Later in the year, we plan to start a Phase 2 proof-of-concept study to evaluate the effect of OC459 in patients with severe asthma who have persistent airway eosinophilia, despite treatment with high doses of inhaled corticosteroids.

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Mr Timothy Edwards
LinkedIn logo Chairman 
Dr Mick Hunter
CSO & Director of Development 

BioClone Ltd United Kingdom

BioClone Ltd. is a global organisation bringing together biopharmaceutical companies for the development, production and approval of future biologically based drugs and delivery devices.

Based in London we provide consulting, project management and training services as well as access to UK expertise in biotechnological analysis, transport, cell banking and production throughout development, pre-clinical to clinical trials and pharmacovigilance.

In addition we assist in developing specifications and procedures to meet the regulatory requirements and gain approval from statutory regulatory authorities including the EMA, FDA and DRA.

biopharmaceutical regulatory Consultancy project management
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Dr Andrew Kenyon

BioPartner UK United Kingdom

BioPartner UK is your point-of-contact for the UK delegation at Bio-Europe 2015, exhibiting at booth 56d.

BioPartner UK is an independent UK trade organisation, accredited by government and working with stakeholders and private agencies to promote UK expertise and provide practical support for those trading overseas.

BioPartner is a membership organisation, supporting UK SMEs and startups, and signposting organisations worldwide to UK expertise. BioPartner disseminates tradeshow access grants to help UK-based SMEs exhibit their services and products in new overseas markets.

international, business support, trade, missions, events
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Dr Alasdair Stamps
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Mr Darius Bateson
Conference Support Executive 
Ms Finlay Lynch
Conference Support Executive 
Ms Lin Bateson
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Mr Marius Oprean
Sharp Clinical Services secondee 

Biopharma Technology Ltd United Kingdom

BTL is world-renowned in freeze drying. Our in-depth knowledge and
extensive experience enables us to resolve clients’ freeze drying
issues, design new formulations and optimise processes. We have
worked on over 1000 different products, from small drug molecules to
large complex biomolecules, foods, tissues, whole organisms,
advanced materials and archaeological artefacts. We continually
engage in research to investigate future applications for freeze drying
and to keep us at the cutting edge of this field. If you are moving into
this area we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project
and explore how we can help you achieve your lyophilisation goals.

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Ms Sally Potentier
LinkedIn logo Business Development and Courses Executive 

Canbex Therapeutics Ltd United Kingdom

Canbex is developing a validated platform of novel small molecule compounds that selectively regulate excitability in neuronal and endothelial cells via BKCa, with applications in movement disorders, glaucoma, epilepsy, pain and others including the orphan paediatric disorder Fragile X Syndrome.

The Canbex proprietary VSN compounds are activators of the BKCa large conductance potassium channel. The company's lead BKCa activator, VSN16R, is in Phase II for the treatment of spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis, an important and poorly served indication. The Phase II trial of VSN16R for spasticity in MS is being carried out under an option agreement with Ipsen SA, which aims to add VSN16R to its growing portfolio of spasticity treatments.

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Dr Keith Powell
Dr Jesse Schulman
LinkedIn logo CEO 

CatSci Ltd United Kingdom

CatSci Ltd is a problem-solving chemistry CRO supporting the research, development and manufacture of materials for the life science and wider chemistry-using industries, with a strong scientific pedigree, large pharma background and track record of delivering successful projects. 

We provide solutions based on our unique combination of computational, statistical, analytical, and synthetic chemistry plus our applied catalysis expertise.  In particular, CatSci specialises in the custom synthesis of small molecule NCEs, APIs and advanced intermediates. 

CatSci is well placed to meet the needs of discovery and early development chemistry, including new route design and assessment, reaction development, material supply from the mg scale up to 1 kg non-GMP, including the synthesis of air-, moisture- and heat-sensitive compounds. 

A full list of our services can be found at www.catsci.com/services.

Better Chemistry for Better Products!

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Dr Simon Tyler
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Dr Ross Burn
LinkedIn logo General Manager 

Chiltern International United Kingdom

Established in 1982, Chiltern is a leading global clinical CRO offering specialized services in all phases of oncology, hematology and a range of other therapeutic areas (respiratory, ophthalmology, dermatology, etc.), together with global sourcing and functional service provider (FSP) solutions. Chiltern’s 3.700 people work in more than 40 countries and offer expertise, engagement and tailored, responsive solutions to meet the demands of biotech and pharmaceutical partners of all sizes.

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Dr Jan de Witt
Vice President, Medical Affairs 
Ms Andrea Cotton-Berry
Global Director, Client Services 
Ms Frances Murphy
Client Services Director 
Mrs Ivana Galjer
Client Services Director 
Mr John O'Brien
Senior Account Director 
Ms Birgit Mund
Executive Director, Business Development 
Ms Juliette Almond
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Ms Blanca Trascasa
Account Manager 
Mr Qaisar Rafiq
Director, Business Development 

CIMYM BioSciences United Kingdom

CIMYM BioSciences was established to develop oncology and immunological therapeutics.  As a healthcare company we recognise an exceptional idea to fill a medical need, build a network and then establish a clinical utility that will improve patient care.  CIMYM uses its expertise to manage value-enhancing activities in the development process of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. It takes a patient-centred approach to co-develop these innovative products and in turn licenses the rights for manufacture and marketing to other pharmaceutical companies.

Ms Yvonne Kennard