Fahy Gurteen Laboratories United Kingdom

Fahy Gurteen Laboratories (FGL) is a Cambridge-based company specializing on the discovery, development and clinical validation of cancer biomarkers. FGL scientists are working on the development of comprehensive IVD solutions for the stratification of cancer patients on the basis of their cell cycle state. Innovative biomarker profiling is performed using tissue sections and blood samples, employing novel immunohistochemistry and molecular biology approaches. The R&D program at FGL includes the development of primary diagnostic antibodies and automated, high throughput image analysis pipelines to be integrated into diagnostic, prognostic and predictive assays for different tumour types. Moreover, FGL has patented novel assays for biomarker profiling with a high potential for development into products for cancer detection, prognosis and companion diagnostics.

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Dr Saroj velamakanni
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Dr Karsten Koehler
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Francemed Pharma United Kingdom

FranceMed Pharma is a privately owned British company, established since 1981 and is fully integrated. Active in pioneering work in Ethical/OTC R&D, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, Sales and Global out-licensing. Owns a number of worldwide patents & trademarks, protecting all its products which are new-to-the-world, game changing, unique, micro-fine topical sprays that treat high prevalent conditions in Dermatology, Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Emergency Medicine.

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Mrs Nelly Malek
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Fusion Antibodies Ltd United Kingdom

Fusion Antibodies is a high quality CRO that offers a range of royalty free, fee-for-services covering all stages of preclinical therapeutic and diagnostic mabs development from target discovery to delivery of lead optimized commercial candidates suitable for cGMP scale up.

Fusion Antibodies wants to use its next generation CDRx humanization antibody technology platform to partner with companies interested in discovering high quality Mab leads against the next generation of therapeutic targets from mouse, rabbit, & rat antibodies. Also of interest are co-development opportunities for innovative therapeutic antibodies or targets. We have humanized >40 novel targets for pharma & biotech clients in Asia, Europe & USA in the past few years.

Fusion Antibodies provides contract services including the custom expression and purification of recombinant proteins for pre-clinical models, antibody sequencing, antibody engineering, antibody humanization, biosimilar development and cGMP services.
Fusion offers CHO and HEK293 cell line expression both in Transient and Stable for research and cGMP scale up.

Fusion Antibodies has the capabilities to act as a one-stop-shop providing its partners with ready-to-develop antibody lead candidates.

Fusion Antibodies is also committed to developing therapeutic antibodies and recombinant proteins to disease specific markers, primarily focused on the key areas of oncology and angiogenesis where immunotherapeutic intervention has a proven track record.
Fusion Antibodies has developed 2 novel humanized oncology drugs the first, Fsn0503 an anti-metastatic, anti-invasive & anti-angiogenic therapeutic antibody targeting Cathepsin S and the second Fsn1006h, a double targeting therapeutic antibody against AREG & HB-EGF ligands, both drug targets are in pre-clinical development and we seek to out licence to advance them to clinical trials.

antibodies,drug discovery
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Dr Paul Kerr
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