BioClone Ltd United Kingdom

BioClone Ltd. is a global organisation bringing together biopharmaceutical companies for the development, production and approval of future biologically based drugs and delivery devices.

Based in London we provide consulting, project management and training services as well as access to UK expertise in biotechnological analysis, transport, cell banking and production throughout development, pre-clinical to clinical trials and pharmacovigilance.

In addition we assist in developing specifications and procedures to meet the regulatory requirements and gain approval from statutory regulatory authorities including the EMA, FDA and DRA.

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Dr Andrew Kenyon

CIMYM BioSciences United Kingdom

CIMYM BioSciences was established to develop oncology and immunological therapeutics.  As a healthcare company we recognise an exceptional idea to fill a medical need, build a network and then establish a clinical utility that will improve patient care.  CIMYM uses its expertise to manage value-enhancing activities in the development process of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. It takes a patient-centred approach to co-develop these innovative products and in turn licenses the rights for manufacture and marketing to other pharmaceutical companies.

Ms Yvonne Kennard

Datatrial Ltd United Kingdom

Datatrial is a clinical biometrics and technology organisation specialising in complete study delivery; from our flexible and intuitive platform of technologies to our services and consulting. We offer a full range of services including Data Management, Statistics and Medical Writing.

Our innovative nowEDC™ solution allows you to deliver data capture, verification and validation, query management, data extract, IWRS and real-time reporting in one integrated system.

We are a service-driven company; our goal is to meet timelines, exceed expectations through our proactive approach, and be responsive to and collaborative with our customers. Communication, service and quality are critical to a successful clinical study, while always keeping the patient in mind.

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Dr Emma Banks
Miss Amy Wright
Buisness Development 

Dora Wirth (Languages) Ltd. United Kingdom

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Established in 1962, Dora Wirth Languages Ltd. (DWL) has over 50 years of excellence in global translation solutions for the life science industry. The DWL approach is built on a solid foundation of experience and in-house medical expertise, using DWL’s well-practised and specially formulated procedures for translation, project management and quality control. DWL's business has grown through a dedication and commitment to quality and service. This is acknowledged by DWL's many long-standing clients and is most clearly demonstrated by their recommendation of DWL to others.

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Kim Shouler
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Beatriz Puche Lopez
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ERA Consulting UK Ltd United Kingdom

The ERA Consulting Group is one of the longest established and most experienced regulatory affairs and product development consulting groups serving the biopharmaceutical industry.

Our expertise covers quality, nonclinical and clinical aspects, both from the regulatory and development strategy perspective. ERA has the knowledge and experience to assist from conception to registration, and beyond.
ERA has experience with a wide range of products (over 450 products to date), including recombinant DNA and hybridoma technology, synthetic peptides, conventional and advanced vaccines, classical blood products, advanced therapy medicinal products comprising gene therapy, somatic cell therapy and tissue-engineered products. ERA also works with innovative new chemical entities, particularly those indicated for neurological, oncological and immunological diseases.

Our specialised international team of more than 30 full-time professionals includes scientists with a research and development background, those with extensive industry experience and former regulators, offering both breadth and depth of expertise, from which our clients can benefit.

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Mr Adam Levy
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Dr Tim Farries
LinkedIn logo Director Regulatory Affairs (Gene and Cell Therapies) 

IDACO Consulting Limited United Kingdom

Strategic pharmaceutical and pre-clinical consulting services.

Undertaking due diligences on behalf of organisations in- and out- licensing development drug candidates.

Critical due diligence, rationalisation and evaluation of IP portfolios and early-stage/preclinical projects - ultimately looking to de-risk projects and increase commercial attractiveness and licensing potential.

Undertaking commercial evaluations and preparing value propositions for early-stage projects.

Translational development support to academia, bridging ideas and projects into commercially attractive proposals.

Advising and supporting academic institutions, start-ups and SMEs on out-sourcing strategies - looking for timely, cost-effective solutions and accelerating the speed of progression and completion of projects.

Oversight and management of outsourced CMC and preclinical projects.

Exploring innovative business models and opportunities for funding  between academia and the out-sourcing network, looking to create collaborative win-win partnerships to progress projects.

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Mr Ian Cox
Mr Ian Cox
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Illingworth Research Ltd United Kingdom

Illingworth Research is a full service clinical CRO with experience across all phases of development from Phase I / proof of concept studies to post-marketing studies for small molecules, biotechnology products, medical devices and diagnostics. With a network of clinical infrastructure covering most therapeutic areas varying from clinical research units, primary, secondary and tertiary care sites across Europe and with partners in North America and Australasia, Illingworth has the capability to deliver large multi-centre global studies on time and within budget. Illingworth also provides research nurses for patient homecare to support studies for optimisation of patient retention and compliance. Illingworth also offers a medical photography service.


Dr Julian Cooper
Dr Julian Cooper
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The BioHub Birmingham United Kingdom

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New Biomedical Innovation Hub. Shared facilities (including equipment) for start-ups/SMEs and bespoke laboratory design for more established companies. Unique affordable location in Edgbaston Medical Quarter. Business support and advice also provided.

We are situated at the heart of a growing cluster which includes Birmingham Research Park, University of Birmingham Biomedical Sciences and Medical School, QE UHB Hospital, The Women's Hospital, new Institute of Translational Medicine, NHSBT, Rare Disease Centre and Welcome Trust Research facility. In addition, future expansion includes relocation of The Children's Hospital, new Dental School and Hospital, and a Life Science Campus which will provide grow-on space.

Mrs Helen Miller-Viney
Business Development Manager